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Liz Jardine

Jiz Jardine of Third & Wall Art Group

Liz Jardine grew up in New York City, “The best possible place on the planet for a budding young artist.”

As an undergraduate student at the State University of New York, Jardine concentrated on textile design and clay forms. Upon graduation, she apprenticed at various textile and design studios in New York City, where her garment designs were sold at several designer boutiques.

Returning to more traditional media, Jardine apprenticed with a graphic design studio and began freelancing as an illustrator and art director. This work paved her return to watercolors in florals, landscapes, still life and abstracts. Today, Jardine flourishes in varied media but especially favors acrylics for their textural and form-building abilities.

Jardine’s appreciation for nature inspires her creativity. She paints from the heart, and believes her collectors can feel her love of the pigments and the composition.


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