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Fiber Protector by Mafi International

For the moments life happens...

Fiber Protector by Mafi's revolutionary system was created using nanotechnology particles that are known to have the lowest friction of any known material. This formula encapsulates every fiber of the fabrics it's applied to and creates an invisible shield. The formula protects each fiber against fluid and oil-based spills to repel stains, as well as dirt, debris and UV rays, which can cause unsightly fading. Using Fiber Protector improves the lifespan and preserves the appearance of carpets, furniture and other textiles.

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Custom Commercial Carpeting with Concord Royale

Concord Royale by Mafi International

A luxurious selection of custom wool flooring for aircraft, yachts and hospitality. An extraordinary collection of textures, styles, and colors to enhance and endure.

Concord Royale — the luxurious new standard by Mafi Rugs for style, artisanship, and service.

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Area Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Services by Mafi International Rugs

Experience a 5 star service from a local company you can trust! 

Hand-made and specialty area rugs differ greatly in their construction, fibers and dye lots; Serving the pacific Northwest since 1994, Mafi understands these differences, using only hand washing methods and carful cleaning process to fit each individual rug.

Mafi’s unique hand cleaning process includes:

  • A friendly phone estimate to schedule pick up with cleaning estimated to take 10 to 14 days. Rush processing available if needed
  • Pre hand vacuuming of both sides
  • Hand cleaning and brightening of fringes
  • Hand cleaning and rinsing of BOTH sides of the rug with our gentle eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Hand grooming to restore the natural soft texture of the rug
  • Slow, controlled air drying process to preserve the strength and form of your rug
  • Quality inspected, rolled, tied and packaged for delivery
  • Optional application of Mafi exclusive Fiber Protector to help prevent future soiling and stains

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