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Fiber Protector by Mafi International

For the moments life happens...

Fiber Protector by Mafi's revolutionary system was created using nanotechnology particles that are known to have the lowest friction of any known material. This formula encapsulates every fiber of what it's applied to and creates an invisible shield. The formula protects each fiber against fluid and oil-based spills to repel stains, as well as dirt, debris and UV rays, which can cause unsightly fading. Using Fiber Protector improves the lifespan and preserves the appearance of carpets, furniture and other textiles.

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Custom Commercial Carpeting with Concord Royale

Concord Royale by Mafi International

A luxurious selection of custom wool flooring for aircraft, yachts and hospitality. An extraordinary collection of textures, styles, and colors to enhance and endure.

Concord Royale — the luxurious new standard by Mafi Rugs for style, artisanship, and service.

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Area Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Services by Mafi International Rugs

Experience a 5 star service from a local company you can trust! 

Hand-made and specialty area rugs differ greatly in their construction, fibers and dye lots; Serving the pacific Northwest since 1994, Mafi understands these differences, using only hand washing methods and carful cleaning process to fit each individual rug.

Mafi’s unique hand cleaning process includes:

  • A friendly phone estimate to schedule pick up with cleaning estimated to take 10 to 14 days. Rush processing available if needed
  • Pre hand vacuuming of both sides
  • Hand cleaning and brightening of fringes
  • Hand cleaning and rinsing of BOTH sides of the rug with our gentle eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Hand grooming to restore the natural soft texture of the rug
  • Slow, controlled air drying process to preserve the strength and form of your rug
  • Quality inspected, rolled, tied and packaged for delivery
  • Optional application of Mafi exclusive Fiber Protector to help prevent future soiling and stains

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Area Rug Cleaning Company?

We realize that the cost of cleaning area rugs can sometimes be steep. Many people think they can perform steam cleaning and don't require a rug cleaning service. However, hand-made rugs or specialty area rugs use different materials, including dye lots, fibers, and construction methods. Some rugs use synthetic fibers, but most of ours don’t.

When you aren't dealing with synthetic rugs, it's crucial to get a professional rug cleaning. Mafi Rugs has been serving this area for many years and uses hand-washing methods and a careful cleaning process to meet each rug's material. Whether you have wool rugs, cotton rugs, or something else, area rug cleaning requires precision.

Our professional cleaning process includes these steps:

  • A phone estimate to schedule your pick-up time
  • Cleaning estimate of 10 to 14 days
  • The ability to get rush processing for your area rugs
  • Pre-hand vacuuming of each side of the natural-fiber rug
  • Hand brightening and cleaning of fringe
  • Rinsing and hand-cleaning of each side with an eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • Hand-grooming for restoration of the soft, natural texture
  • Slow and controlled air-drying to preserve the form and strength of the natural fibers
  • Quality inspection, rolling, tying, and packaging
  • An optional application of Fiber ProTector by Mafi

A picture of red wine spilling on an area rug protected with Fiber ProTector by Mafi.

Why Should You Use Natural Fiber Rugs for Your Custom Commercial Carpet?

We offer a large section of custom commercial carpet runners for hospitality, yachts, and aircraft. If you're interested in wool rugs, we have a collection of styles, colors, and textures that will endure high-traffic areas. Here are a few of the benefits of using natural fibers for your commercial carpeting:

  • Goes with Any Style or Preference - Our commercial carpets will look great in a large or small area and are primarily made of wool. They can be as intricate or as simple as you want.
  • Can be Layered with Other Rugs and Runners - Layering is a crucial design element for commercial spaces. Our rugs can have more runners and mats put down to cover the floors and bring intricacy to the mix.
  • Easy to Match with Bold Colors and Patterns - Our rugs work well in open-concept areas because they're neutral and can go with any of your upholstery and wall patterns.
  • Offer Instant Warmth for the Room - The texture and color of your rug will create an inviting atmosphere that can't happen with any other mat. If your space is missing that cozy vibe, you need one of our antique-style rugs!
  • Fairly Easy to Maintain - While you can vacuum the rug and should, it's best to let us wash them for you. Generally, you cannot scrub them and must roll them correctly to avoid creases on the floor.

Concord Royale is the luxurious new standard and comes with appropriate care instructions. Our area rugs will only need a deep cleaning periodically, and our trained technicians can remove most stains.

When Should You Call Rug Cleaners to Handle Area Rug Cleaning?

Seattle rug owners often want to know the answer to this question: How often should area rugs be cleaned? The general rule is every 12 to 18 months for rug cleaning. However, various factors may indicate that you should do this more or less often.

Usually, regular vacuuming will help remove most of the stains, but our rug cleaning service will ensure that they look beautiful for many years to come.

Should You Use a Rug Cleaning Machine or a Professional Area Rug Cleaner Like Us?

Most people focus on rug cleaning and think that they can easily do it themselves. Whether you have a high or low pile setup, dirt can sink in that can't be vacuumed away. 

There are many online tutorials on ways to clean your rug, but they're often not suitable for our hand-made rugs. Instead of a cleaning machine that simply uses warm water, it's wise to hire us.

We understand how to dry an area rug after cleaning. You may think using a hair dryer will make the process more streamlined, but it often does damage to the fibers within the rug. 

If the rug isn't dried slowly, you may notice water damage, such as a darkened area that you cannot vacuum away. That's because the moisture sits for too long in some areas but gets removed in others. We always use appropriate methods to protect your rug so that it looks amazing on the floor for many years to come.

What Is Our Fiber Protector?

You wish to protect your rug from stains and other damage, but life ultimately happens, regardless of what you do.

While it's best to vacuum the rug periodically and even remove it from the floor and shake/beat it with a brush, stains are still bound to happen. Fiber Protector is Mafi Rugs' revolutionary system that features nanotechnology particles.

It's a formula that encapsulates each fiber of the rug to create an invisible shield around it. Then, each fiber within the rug can repel stains (oil-based and water-based). However, this also protects from dust, dirt, and UV rays, which might lead to unsightly fading.

You want your rug to be an heirloom for future generations, meaning it will be an antique at some point. Fiber Protector can be added to the cleaning service or the purchase of a new area rug to improve the rug's lifespan and preserve its appearance. Your rugs will look amazing and be free of dirt for longer periods.