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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bamboo Silk

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bamboo Silk

As the use of natural fibers receiving a lot of attention these days, it is hard not to credit the new fad in the world of texture Bamboo fiber. In the interior design trade, we may be familiar with Bamboo wood floors, but now the market place is engulfed with bamboo based products. cutting boards, bed sheets, clothing, pillows, and furniture to name a few; and in the recent years, bamboo has made a strong presence in Hand knotted designers area rugs as well. However, as easy as it may be to just assume that if it’s fashion then it must be good, how many of us have asked why bamboo?  What makes bamboo different? What makes this mysterious fiber a good product to use in an area rug?

It is said in Japan that a bamboo forest is the safest place to go during an earthquake. The roots of the plants intertwine and the strength of the plants themselves are very tough and durable. This may explain why we are using bamboo for floors or cutting surfaces, but how does this make for good fiber in the world of rug weaving?

Environmental: Bamboo has increased in popularity in non-indigenous areas outside of Asia due to its quick growth as it can be harvested for use after just 4 years of growth, compared to 25-70 years for various tree species. Bamboo is also resilient to various harsh climates and can grow in rocky and inhabitable soil that trees cannot survive in.  No animals or silkworms are needed for production, which allows for greater harvest.

Natural Protection: While traditional silk is known to fade in sunlight, research out of Colorado State University shows that bamboo textiles protect against ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and also provide anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo is a reliant fiber, when compared to cotton and polyester, it has a much higher breaking tenacity and better moisture-wicking properties.

How It’s Made: Bamboo leaves and the soft, inner pith found within the stalks of the bamboo plant are extracted through a steaming process and then crushed by a machine. After a washing process, the fibers are then spun into yarn. The proper process allows the bamboo fibers to remain strong and result in a very durable yard used in hand knotted area rugs.

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bamboo Silk in high quality, hand-made rugs

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