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Mafi Signature 16: turn your unique vision into a reality

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Mafi Signature 16: turn your unique vision into a reality

Chandeliers, candles, and custom rugs melt spaces together. When distinguishing between a house or a home, choosing the right textures, patterns, and colors will establish a mood. To help determine what ambiance will work best for you, start with a color palette. Are you thinking warm reds, burgundies, and merlots? Or cool tones for a fresh clean look of grays and blues. Do you want to hear the waves crash, smell the salty sea, and feel the sand in your toes? Or do you want to cuddle up on a couch, with the fire crackling, rubbing your feet in the soft delicate strands of a warm rug?

Mafi Signature 16 gives you the ability to design custom area rugs in a 3D environment, where a simple drawing comes to life with tangible colors and textures. More than just high quality, your Mafi Signature 16 rug is one of a kind art displayed in the most central location of your home or office. Many designers often find themselves limited by retail store inventory or finite online options. Now, you have the power to turn your unique vision into a reality. While custom rug design and creation used to take ten to twelve months, we have invested years of time and expertise to offer it in as little as 16 weeks. Mafi Signature 16 is an invaluable tool for creative interior designers who appreciate a higher standard in visual presentation while elevating quality.

Mafi Signature 16

Mafi Signature 16 brings a modern twist to the traditional art. In only 16 weeks, artisans in our Himalayan facility will transform by hand what once was an idea into the masterpiece of floor art your space needs.


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